May 23: Eurovision Song Contest, yeah baby!

Well, the extravaganza that is the Eurovision Song Contest delivered once again. Australia’s first entrant Guy Sebastian has a new legion of fans. The whole show went long but it wasn’t too tacky and I actually liked quite a few of the tunes.

After all the build up, Eurovision 2015, live from Vienna, Austria, is over. I think this is the second or third time I’ve watched the whole show (normally in Australia I’d watch just highlights). I won’t give anything away but I will throw out my favourites.

Obviously Australia, because Guy was great and he did himself and the country proud. Australians have been massive fans of Eurovision for over 30 years, watching the bright lights and strange songs with a mixture of bemused appreciation, disbelief and wonder.

So, in a very sporting gesture, Eurovision extended an invitation for an Australian to perform at this year’s 60th anniversary. If we won, the contest wouldn’t be held in Australia but a country of our choice. I think the experiment worked very well. Big shout out to #guysebastian for being a great ambassador (like I know him!?! 🙂 ahahahaha)

Second favourite was Sweden, then Latvia, Belgium, Norway and Montenegro. Least favourite Albania and the UK.

The wind was mental today, so plans to be active outdoors were blown away. But it was a great day, eating good food and generally recharging the batteries. I hope you’ve had a chance to do that too.

Wishing you a wonderful day.

Here’s a photo from the archive – while my friend Gabby was in Switzerland last year, Pastora and Leo invited us to their house for dinner. Pastora can’t stand olives, even looking at them used to make her feel sick, but she went above and beyond to produce these amazing ladybird hors-d’oeuvre/fingerfood munchies for our visit!


Ladybird’s waiting to fly into our mouths. Pastora’s handiwork from 2014

4 thoughts on “May 23: Eurovision Song Contest, yeah baby!

  1. And they were so yummy I lost count of how many I ate. Pastora and Leo had grown the tomatoes on their balcony. A great night. Don’t think I’ve ever felt so warmly welcomed to the home of new friends. ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Love those ladybirds – so pretty and according to Curlymint (I assume Gaby) they were also tasty. Must try and remember them for future events – expect they are a bit fiddly but not too bad. Do you remember what the flavour was in the spread on the biscuits?

    I really like Guy Sebastian so pleased he did well. I have never seen anything of Eurovision except what makes it to the news – but it is obviously a major blockbuster event with lots of weird things in people’s acts. I assume no female/males this year?

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    • I think it might have been cream cheese? Conchita made many appearances on the show, as the previous winner, because it was held in Vienna, and the pro LGBT crowd booed every time the Russian girl received votes (as a protest about Russia’s non-friendly LGBT laws). It’s all very political, especially the voting!


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