May 30: Physical and mental #2

Woke up with the worst hhhhh…ayfever (you thought I was going to write hangover, huh?), so spent a few miserable hours in bed feeling sorry for myself and waiting for the tablet to kick in.

It wasn’t all a waste of time – I listened to more episodes of a thoroughly intriguing podcast called Serial. Being behind the times is a recurring theme in my life – this non-fiction story/series, about a Baltimore journalist trying to find out if a convicted killer is in fact innocent – was released to great acclaim in October last year and I’m only just getting around to checking it out. Highly recommended when your eyes are so puffy from hayfever that you can’t read a book! Or when you’re doing the dusting, or knitting etc, or can’t sleep at night and don’t want to turn a light on. I can’t wait to find out what happens! This definitely ticks the mentally fit box!

Once I was ready to venture outdoors, we put up the tent near the pool with help from Liliane’s friends Fritz and Lotte. Now all we need is clean water (once it’s warmed up a bit more).


Many hands make light work


An action shot from the working bee after-party!

I also mowed a small section of lawn that couldn’t be accessed last week because of a parked car, and then whipper-snippered further down the hill in that area. I don’t like mowing there because the mower gets quite a lean-on, on the edge of the forest, so I had to clean up the edges a bit. It was important to do it today, so it’s nice for when Rene comes home from hospital tomorrow – his operation went so well, he’s allowed to leave earlier than expected. Good news! (Hope I haven’t jinxed it now.)

And in other ‘good news’, here are some articles I’ve enjoyed this week:

My blogging friend Freda (am I allowed to say that, Freda?!) from livesimplysimplylive recently posted this ballet-influenced exercise routine which I’m looking forward to trying. Her blog has many interesting and inspiring musings and themes, and many calming photos.

Improved flexibility and balance have been high on my list of “wants” for 2015 and this article reinforces the need to bend and stretch, reach for the stars

Despite the disturbing headline, this is a wonderful, heart-warming story of true love and having to go to odd lengths for the same rights. I hope countries around the world soon follow Ireland’s lead.

Ariana from paris-to-go has completed one month of washing her hair just with water. See the results and read her thoughts about being chemical free here. Very inspiring!

And presto! The reason for the holes in Swiss cheese has been discovered!

Wishing you a wonderful day.

6 thoughts on “May 30: Physical and mental #2

  1. Think I will stick with shampoo and conditioner. Interesting about the holes – I hope that they don’t go away altogether – or I wonder if in another 100 years or so they will discover it was actually something else and not hay. I remember the tent from when Mum and I were there – the signs of summer. My pool is currently green – I think I am up for a new chlorinator


  2. Angela I am delighted to be called your ‘blogging friend’! I have just committed to doing this exercise routine every day for 30 days. As you know I am lazy (under the excuse of ‘being kind to myself’) so this is a big deal for me!! I think I am so curious to really see how different I might feel that I will stick to this…..mental challenges I am very good at and I see I have just turned this into a kind of mental challenge…..Hmmm. I know you will cheer me on. By the way mowing lawns is not a great occupation for hay-fever sufferers!

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    • Freda, what a clever idea to tackle it as a mental challenge – it’s good to know yourself well enough that you don’t enjoy being beaten by a mental challenge. I should get back on the bandwagon too, but I find I’m working so much in the garden I can hardly lift my arms at night! I will definitely be cheering for you and look forward to hearing how you go.


      • Can’t resist giving more unasked for advice on the lawn – mow a two metre edge and a path through the middle and let it flower (grasses do flower) – eco friendly – (birds bees butterflies biodiversity etc), less work, looks gorgeous….

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      • Wouldn’t that be wonderful! Alas, Rene loves his grass and not his weed. Badoom tish! It would look amazing. The field you can see at the other end of our lawn is a wild field used for hay, and we see deer in there sometimes. Well my neighbour does. I’m never up early enough apparently!


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