July 10-12: Weekend wrap

Sun, sun and more sun this past weekend. Combine that with not much inspiration to write, and you get another weekend wrap!

Friday I went to work and then for a quick drink with Iva and Pastora afterwards. Claudio, our regular waiter at Cafe de Pyrennes, was amazed we only stayed for one drink, but we all had things to achieve in the afternoon.

Mine was to mow the lawn for Rene, but the lawnmower is having petrol flow issues, so we canned the idea. That night, we went to dinner with The Usual Suspects (minus Eve, who is in Finland for a gymnaestrada event) which was very lovely. Leo and I ordered a tower of food, literally, which was a nice summer change to what we would normally choose.


I almost caught Rene smiling!


Lotti, Leo and Paul


With Fritz and Liliane


Leo and I shared a tower of cold food. The gazpacho was delicious

Saturday, Rene spluttered the lawnmower into life long enough to do the job and I cleaned the pool. We then spent the afternoon and evening by the pool with The Usual Suspects again, playing cards and enjoying a delicious barbecue. We watched a little bit of the women’s Wimbledon singles final but mainly we were outdoors. Congratulations Serena!

Sleep and repeat. Sunday we spent time by the pool again, but without the combined dinner. We watched pretty much all of the men’s Wimbledon singles final too. Poor Roger. I feel so disappointed for him on his quest to become the first man to win eight Wimbledon singles titles. Maybe next year? Djokovic was just too good.

I started and finished a sweet book on Sunday too – Waiting for Doggo. I’ve written a review here.

All up it was a very relaxing weekend. Very quiet. Not a lot of exercise, just some light swimming. But plenty of socialising!

Wishing you a wonderful day.

2 thoughts on “July 10-12: Weekend wrap

  1. Looks and sounds like a wonderful weekend. Got to love the ‘tower’ – looks delicious. In sharp contrast to your hot weather the east coast of Australia is in the grip of a very chilly Antarctic influence. Strong winds and less than average temperatures during the day and night. I helped out at a charity fun run and street fair that was organised by the Gym on Sunday- very breezy at 5.30am when we all arrived (in the dark) to get everything ready. I thought it might keep people away but the wind died down a bit as the day wore on and the even seemed to be well attended by competitors and others. Melissa said Melbourne was horrid over the weekend. I am off to Adelaide this afternoon (back tomorrow night) – think I will need to wrap myself in glad wrap,as well as take my one and only real coat, to try and stay warm.


    • Hope you have a good time in Adelaide and the coat does the job. At least we can say we’ve experienced a true summer and you’ve had a true winter! Good effort for getting up on a Sunday morning for a start in the dark!


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