July 16: Vincent-esque

On my ride home from the city after lunch with Leonie, I finally stopped to take a photo of the new flower field and all the colours. It’s nice, but just doesn’t have the pizazz of the old field – perhaps not seeing the Alps behind makes it somewhat lacklustre?


The new flower field is blooming well. Lilies and dahlias and glads and sunflowers and …

The wheat is being harvested right now. And I mean right now. It’s just after 10pm and I can hear the machines working overtime. They’ve chopped the tops off and collected the wheat, and the stems remain behind to be made into hay bales. They’re making hay while the moon shines.

I think this scenery would make Vincent van Gogh reach for his brushes, don’t you?


Blue and yellow – great combination


Picture perfect. Imagine some swirls in the sky!

I cleaned Liliane and Rene’s house for four hours today. That’s enough fitfor15in15! Whenever I’m at their house, I jump on the bathroom scales – seems I’ve lost another kilo. Unfortunately, the dress I bought in Spain in 2011 still doesn’t fit comfortably. Maybe I should just accept it as a post-Camino memory and move on?!

Tomorrow, Liliane’s 91-year-old mother Hertha arrives. I can’t wait to see her again, she’s a crack up! She called me last Friday to say how much she’s looking forward to visiting. She only lives 35 minutes away, but comes three times a year for a two-to-four-week holiday. Plenty of giggles will be had next week – our last week before we go to Sicily!

Wishing you a wonderful day.

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