July 22: Glory-ious Days

This afternoon, I raced home from work on Bruce in order to miss a big thunderstorm – didn’t take any photos of it approaching, but snapped a few shots after it had passed.


Sunset on the Alps, taken from the front yard


The brown, brown grass of home

It’s raining again now, 10.30pm, and boy do we need it. (That cool breeze will also make sleep easier tonight!)

Yesterday afternoon, after I wrote the post about what I’ve packed for our holiday, I met Claudia at the Marzili (public pool area) and finally snapped a few decent shots of the Aare – what bedlam it is on a hot day! This was Tuesday afternoon around 2pm (admittedly it is summer holidays).


The steady stream of people walking back to the camping place to jump into the river again


One of several places at the Marzili where you get out of the water. The rubber boats have to go down further to a dock area


Have a paddle or a swim


People put their clothes etc in waterproof bags, which also provide some buoyancy as you float or swim along

I’d like to buy a waterproof phone case so I can make a little film of the journey. Won’t be swimming for a while though, as all this rain will make the water murky and dangerous.

And last but not least in this photo-fest, proof that Dr Bronner’s liquid soap is not good as a shampoo for me. I’m getting my haircut tomorrow, and I think I’ll just let her wash out the weeks of … ??? whatever it is – soap scum? – and start again in Sicily, maybe with a bar of Savon de Marseille?

My friend SJ likes the home-made shampoo soap bars she can buy in her town. Do you use a soap bar for your hair too? Any suggestions? Because there’s got to be something better than this below! Maybe I should try the Ariana-method, from Paris-to-Go, and just use water combined with a good scalp massage?


My greasy-feeling but clean head of hair

Wishing you a wonderful day.

3 thoughts on “July 22: Glory-ious Days

  1. My goodness girl – if it is designed for your body it is not good for your hair. I would say you should get the hairdresser to give you a really good scrub! Suggest you give up on shampoo altogether and just use conditioner. Apparently dermatologists say most shampoo is too harsh for skin and make this suggestion. I know someone who has been doing it for years – she said for the first few days your hair feels not quite clean but after a while you get over that sensation. Apparently conditioner is effective in cleaning – her hair always looks good. So by just using conditioner you are cutting down on the environmental impact which hopefully meets your desires.

    Love the pictures of the Aare. Not so sure about the brown grass – hope all that rain helps.


    • That’s what they want us to believe Jude! Buy more products, spend more money … if it’s a cleanser with natural ingredients, it should be good for any part of the body I reckon. But I’ve been doing some reading on pH balances, which could be the problem, and will post about that.
      Ironically, today, before I go to the hairdresser, my hair feels quite good (that photo was taken two nights ago) and I’m wondering if she’d be up for just rinsing it and then cutting? See how I feel when I get there! I’ll try the natural soap and conditioner option on holiday, perhaps?


  2. The only shampoo bar that comes to my mind are the ones from Lush. I think they are organic and all natural. I like to use them, they’re great for travels. They are a bit expensive, though.


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