Three pretty yellow sisters


Ranunculus, Persian Buttercup … I think I’ve got the “brand” right.

Whatever they may be (if you know, please let me know!), I love the colour.

Now we have a bigger apartment, there’s more space for Leo’s paintings. Two that have been hung for the first time include these vibrantly coloured works, which Leo did with a friend Silke. Silke painted the one on the right, Leo the one on the left, and they merge a little in the middle.


I’ve been buying yellow flowers and blue candles for the dining room since we moved in. Tulips have been favourites, but really don’t last long – a week tops – and look rather forlorn on day seven. It’s day seven for these lovelies and they still look fantastic.

Three of them were huddled together and I couldn’t help but thinking “Same same, but different.” They are all from the same genus but, gosh, they’re individuals. That’s why I’ve named them The Three Sisters. (Not from my garden, unfortunately!)


My friend Gabby does amazing florography, and I was inspired to use a black cushion as a background after seeing her efforts. Imitation is the ultimate form of flattery, right? Thanks for the inspiration Gab! Follow her on Instagram @gabby_bravebrownrabbit to see her amazing works.

Wishing you a wonderful, bright, happy day.


Nature is wondrous!

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