January 19: A day of silence

Today was a day of silence. I went outside to go to the laundry room and was so astonished I stopped in my tracks – no tractors in the fields, no cars or machinery noise coming from the council workshop nearby, no wind. It was the right moment. After a while though, I realised it wasn’t actually silent. I could hear snow clumps falling off trees in the forest and water trickling from the gutter. And then it started to snow. Today was another day to feel very happy about where we live.

Snow covered clothes line

Needless to say I didn’t hang the washing on this line

Solar lights in snow

I don’t think the solar lights will be working tonight

So with a clear head it was time to exercise! I ummed and ahhed about what to do and decided on another YouTube workout. When I saw Jillian Michaels’ Six-week Six-pack Abs Workout Level 1, I had to try it, knowing how weak my abs are. But what? Once again, I couldn’t get the volume to work (occasionally we have this problem when watching things off the internet on our television), so I did the workout in silence. Well, not complete silence, because there was plenty of my huffing and puffing. Despite ‘missing out’ on all the motivational talk (maybe that’s a blessing?!) and the odd instruction, it was doable without the sound.

Michaels performs the classes with two other women, who give beginners and advanced examples while she does the intermediate. Again, I couldn’t do all the beginner’s exercises. These gals are very fit! But I worked up a serious sweat, and feel good. It goes for about 35 minutes including warm-up and cool down.

Do you have a collection of fitness DVDs or internet workouts you’ve been neglecting? I just go with whatever takes my fancy, and doubt I would or could follow a six-week daily course. That seems too regimented – for me fitfor15in15 is all about variety.

Speaking of variety, how are these for some eggs! My friend Kanjana, who we visited for lunch on Friday, works at an egg factory in Bern, and gave some special eggs to Pastora, Iva and I. I’ve never seen eggs so big! And they are double yolkers! So here’s my lunch today.

Double yolk eggs

Lunch of champions! Great egg-laying skills from some very large hens

Big egg

They weigh over 100 grams. We received a carton of 10 – so far five have been doubles, and one a very large single

As an aside, the Germans and Swiss Germans call men’s testicles eggs, whereas we call them balls. Chuckle chuckle. Sorry, did I just put you off your breakfast?! 🙂

Wishing you a wonderful day.

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