February 1: 15 minutes of strength exercises

Once again, I’ve left it too late in the day to exercise properly. I’m finding it hard on the weekends to do exercise!

While we were watching the men’s Australian Open tennis final this morning, the weather was gorgeous.


Blue skies!


Everything looks amazing in this kind of light


Love the white trees


And the white telephone wires! Our little house is looking good!


Probably not the right footwear!

When we were ready to do something, it was snowing and yuck.

So I made the most of the afternoon doing something fun, which I’ll tell you more about tomorrow.

Tonight, I did 15 minutes of strength exercises in the office, as before – squats and lunges with the tin cans etc – and this time I threw in the occasional salute to the sun. My butt is feeling quite sore from the previous days’ exercises too. Yippee!

The weather’s supposed to be horrifically cold over the next few days, so I apologise in advance for my own prediction – an onslaught of blog posts to keep me occupied!

Wishing you a wonderful day.

4 thoughts on “February 1: 15 minutes of strength exercises

  1. I don’t like the cold but I have to say that the beautiful pictures of the snow trees and houses make the prospect of a trip to Europe in winter a possibility at some stage. Really looks magical in the country where you live – guess slush on the streets in the city and difficulties in getting around are less poetic


    • You guessed it in one Judy! Slush in the city isn’t much fun. Walking the long way to the bus (on the road) is also hair-raising! With the right gear it’s easy to be toasty warm in winter. Book that trip! (Can’t guarantee the weather, sorry!)


  2. I am realising that I need different kinds of exercise – I want better energy and stamina (they are not quite the same thing are they?, suppleness, and strength. Thank you for all the ideas.

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    • A dance class is something on my list of things to try, as is swimming. The lifeguard will possibly jump in to save me as I calmly thrash my way through each lap, but I’m hoping it will help with stamina. Stamina, suppleness, strength – your alliteration is very inspirational!


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