May 9: Cheering on the Bern GP runners … too late!

We had great intentions of leaving this morning for the start of our Swiss Camino trip, then realised why rush? We have plenty of time and Leo needed a day of nothing to wind down after some serious flooding problems he had to solve at work.

So we thought we’d head into town and cheer on the runners in the 34th Annual Bern Grand Prix, “the prettiest 10 mile race in the world.” Well, it probably wasn’t so pretty this year, because they had to change the route with the Aare river flooding/overflowing.

We didn’t know anyone running, but thought it might be nice to add some photos of the event to the blog. Here’s the photo we got.


The end of the Bern GP (running race) at the Bundeshaus. We missed it all!

By the time we actually headed into town we were a little late. They were deflating the finish line. Oh well, maybe next year!

We wandered around the city and had a late lunch at the markets in front of the Bundeshaus. My lunch consisted of some of these …


Two raspberry macaroons and two strawberry and pistachios … oh wait, one is already in my mouth!

Plus some Mexican taco thingies. No photo of those – nowhere near as pretty! How about some peonies instead …


Amazing peonies for sale in the food and flower market in front of the Bundeshaus


The main street of Bern. There are many ornate water fountains dotted around the city

I didn’t end up writing any more Travelling Light stories as promised, but will do a post-walk debrief summary of the gear I took. Too much? Too little? I’ll have to wait and see!

Wishing you a wonderful day. Maybe it’s Mother’s Day where you are? If so, wishing you a marvellous Mother’s Day too. Have a peonie! xx

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