May 21: Running around without raising a sweat

Today was an on-the-go kind of day – I should have worn my running shoes!

My phone died this morning (Leo says from overuse – can’t argue) so I borrowed the neighbours’ car to go to a nearby shopping centre with a phone store, hoping they could fix it. No luck – it’s been sent away for a week, like a naughty kid suspended from school – but at least I have my old phone to use in the meantime.

This is one time I’m glad I haven’t been a minimalist and gotten rid of the old phone as soon as the new one arrived. The old one feels like a brick in comparison, and the photo quality will be pretty average, but I’m contactable, which feels more important than it should be. I’ll carry my compact camera around in case I see Betsy and friends again.

Amazing things, cars. I even managed to do a grocery shop AND go to the nursery for more plants and soil. I wasn’t going to put planter boxes on the upstairs balcony but hey, I needed geraniums. It wouldn’t be a Swiss house without geraniums. I was trying to avoid conforming, because it seems like it’s compulsory to have planter boxes overflowing with red geraniums in Switzerland … so I chose pink ones instead. Still a rebel.

Couldn’t plant them this afternoon because it was raining so much, but hopefully I’ll do it on Saturday … if the weather gets any better. It was five degrees Celsius this morning, and 10 degrees at 3pm. Come back spring, we miss you already.

I really, really, really have lost my exercising mojo. I feel worn out, and I look it too, but really, I’m not worn out, I’m just being lazy. Which is a shame because the fitfor15in15 six-month mark isn’t too far away and I want to look and feel my best. (I blame the mammoth book, The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, that I’m still reading. What a sorry sack that whole story is at the moment – it’s leaching into every pore).

So, banishing the book and with the halfway mark as my motivation, I’m off to do 15 minutes of squats with hand weights, push ups, sit ups, lunges and all that kind of malarkey.

Wishing you a wonderful day.


Here’s Betsy’s hairy Scottish cousin, Beryl, who lives in the north of Switzerland

4 thoughts on “May 21: Running around without raising a sweat

  1. Love the hairy cow! I can feel your low energy – I have been suffering from it as well. I almost convinced myself not to go to the gym this morning (I will start again in earnest next week!) but as it turns out I was awake at ‘go to gym time’ so decided I should. Was not a great workout – went to Zumba class, few weights and 5 mins on bike but still better than nothing. Found out yesterday I didn’t get a quote I was hoping to win (I have had a bad run lately) – apparently I was a small amount off the mark on the $ but nothing else wrong with the quote – real bummer. Anyway back in to the work I do have. Have you heard back about your interview?


    • Sorry to hear about the quote Judy! How frustrating! I can imagine the bad run doesn’t contribute to your overall enthusiasm levels! Grrr. I’ll find out more at the end of the month, about the interview. The woman had a few people to call, with limited time availability as she’s flat out. If I get a call back it would be for a face-to-face interview. Fingers crossed!


  2. Beryl doesn’t even look like a cow, but still cute and made me laugh.
    Know what you mean about no motivation, haven’t missed the gym at all, but that means not much motivation to do stuff at home – think you need a medal for everything you do! Maybe you have overdone it and need a slowdown for recovery and then your mojo will pick up again. Hope your phone repairs are successful. Maybe your pink geraniums will still be blooming late October??


    • You might be right about overdoing it. I think the Swiss Camino took it out of me a bit! And it was unseasonably warm that week. Need to drink more water 🙂 My old phone is sooo slow to use! Will be a lesson in patience. If last year is anything to go by, the geraniums should still be alive! Yahoo!


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