May 20: Tulip season is over – with a bull…dozer

My fitfor15in15 exercise today was to walk to the shops and back. I’m counting this as 40 minutes of exercise because I could have borrowed the neighbour’s car. Cheating?! No! The weather was pretty average again and also cold, so walking instead of driving was a torture of sorts. 🙂

What was even more torturous was seeing the tulip field. It’s gone! All gone! Bulldozed! And they’ve taken away the little shelter where you wrapped the flowers and paid the money into the honesty box. What the?


Walking to the tulip field. These clouds were ominous but cool. Corn growing in foreground


And there it was – the bad news


Blumen zum selber pflucken …


Is no more … totally flattened

But it’s not all doom and gloom, because …


A new flower field is across the road

No tulips, but soon there’ll be gladioli and … other flowers that I have no idea about. It’s a smaller space but hopefully it will yield as many colourful blooms, and make me as happy, as the original one. (A neighbour said it’s being rested after years of flowers, so the soil can rejuvenate. Next year it will probably be sprouting corn, sunflowers or wheat.)

But it’s the end of an era. Sob. I loved that field! Especially when the Alps were in clear view – you could take a photo of the flowers in the foreground with the mountains behind. This new field faces the other way. Oh well … that’s nature.

If you would like to see photos of the tulip field from this season, starting from the green shoots, click here, here (first blooms), here (at sunset), here (the best gallery), here (the pink and green one) and here (the vases at home). Sob. Now, they’re just memories … 😉

So you don’t feel sad too, here’s a happy cow.


I shall name thee Betsy. The buildings in the top right are where we live

Wishing you a wonderful day.

5 thoughts on “May 20: Tulip season is over – with a bull…dozer

  1. Love that Cow – that have such sad looking faces but I suppose it is probably happy in its field. It seems to be a milk cow (based on glimpses of its udders) so it doesn’t have the prospect of going to the abbatoir ahead of it. My first day back at the gym for a little over a week – combination of being away (4 days) work stuff (2 days) and laziness (2 days). My level of enthusiasm was low – only 20 mins of cardio but did the strength stuff as usual. I had a stroll down tulip photo lane – so lovely but so short lived. Good you have new delights to look forward to in the new field.


  2. No tulip field!!!!! that’s sad. Liked your happy cow Betsy though.
    The tulips were so colourful. You will have to plant more in your own little garden.
    Was pleased to see your outdoor furniture return a few days ago, for your Summer months. As Judy said, shame we won’t be there during these warmer days. Hope the weather improves quickly, for you to enjoy. Brisbane getting cooler and the stored Winter items starting to emerge.


    • I’m having to heave cold weather gear out as well. Brrr. We want spring! We want spring! I’m definitely going to plant more tulips in the wildflower garden near the garage corner of the house. Hopefully we’ll still be here next year to see them!


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