June 16: Going bongos on your birthday

Sorry I didn’t blog yesterday, on the actual day of the 16th, but I was in town for most of the day and then out to dinner for Leo’s birthday.

Leo is now the proud owner of a set of bongos. He often taps out a beat and seeing as he’s never touched his Christmas present from 2011, a guitar, I thought these might be more appropriate. Now it’s my turn to learn the guitar, which I tried in 2013, but it’s tough when you’re not so musically inclined! And it’s tough on the pads of the left-hand fingers. Practice makes perfect, I know.


The new bongos, roses from Liliane’s garden (all on one stem!) and the unloved guitar in the background

I had a lovely day in the city – met Leonie for lunch then Claudia for a cup of tea and some window shopping. Bought some soap at the markets – love that it comes unpackaged.

Then I met Leo and we chose the bongos at a music store in Bern (wanted him to have an input, as opposed to the guitar, which was a surprise). Leo used to play keyboard and sing in a band, so he’s very chuffed to own some percussion!

And then we went for dinner at the same fancy pants steak restaurant we went to for my birthday. It’s a lovely room upstairs, and the waitress was very sweet. She even gave Leo a jar of steak sauce when she found out it was his birthday.

Surprised we had room for any food after starting with these beers. It was the only drink Leo had all night, and I had a glass of red with my main.


Give the birthday boy a beer!


Almost need two hands!

Wishing you a wonderful day.

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