June 24: Mixed bag of goodies

I’m typing this again, because, for some reason, my original post went missing! Arrggghhhh! Not what you need at 11pm!

Didn’t fall asleep on the couch this afternoon, because I didn’t sit on it!

Came home from work, put on my daggy clothes and helped Rene in the garden. The two new front wheels for the lawnmower arrived last week, but the weather’s been terrible so no chance until today to put them to the test. Many trips to the compost were made, because the grass hadn’t been cut for two weeks (since I broke the front wheel).

After whipper-snippering around the edges, I finished off the mowing. Then I weeded around the garage (damn nettles!), dead-headed Liliane’s roses and the pots around the pool, and then I thought I’d have a rest. Sat on the terrace for two minutes and saw a plant which I really don’t like the look of, and never have, so I pulled it out. Then I had to give the soil a bit of a scratch to patch up the hole, then I thought I ‘mose well weed that garden bed too. Oh and why not my main garden bed as well, while I’m in the swing of things?! All up today, three hours in the garden and one hour of walking. Not too shabby.

I managed to snap a few pictures in Bern’s Botanical Gardens. After yesterday’s 30-Day Challenge plant name, my eye was drawn to another Allium strain, Allium fistulosum. In German it’s common name is Winterzwiebel, or winter onion. In English, it’s the Welsh onion. I thought the stems would smell oniony, but nothing.


The Welsh onion in Bern’s Botanical Gardens

Even though I really didn’t feel like it, I cooked another I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program dinner and finally flopped on the couch for two episodes of House of Cards. Didn’t eat a sweet thing all day! After 2.5 weeks of much less sugar than normal, I’m finding it easier and easier. The natural yoghurt for breakfast seems sweet enough. Never thought I’d say that! Berliner doughnuts were on special today in the supermarket – six for the price of four – and I walked straight past (while shooting daggers at the man who grabbed a packet so nonchalantly!)

All up, a nice mixed bag of goodies today. I hope you achieved too. And as always …

Wishing you a wonderful day.

6 thoughts on “June 24: Mixed bag of goodies

  1. Well done to you on all fronts – work; gardening and sugar free. I am on day four of travel – been in Canberra and now Hobart. Home tonight. Reasonable achievement with stakeholder meetings which is encouraging. Weather although cold has been better than BrizVegas which has been overcast and showery while I have been away – so a win on that front. Will be nice to get home tonight at about 10.45pm – however I have a rat plague in my ceiling which the professionals are stumped on – rats won’t eat bait. It is sending me a bit demented. Problem is the derelict house next door I think – called council – now have to wait and see what owner does (nothing I am sure) and then after 21 days council will act. Maybe I should just stay in Hobart!


    • That house next door should be demolished. Imagine what they’d find in there. Gross. Sorry to hear the crawly things have made their way into your roof. Understandable that it would drive you demented *shudder*. Hope you’re enjoying being home and something happens with the neighbour soon.


  2. Hiya Ange,
    Sounds like you are over your rut!! Great news! I’m a bit stuck in one though – poor Tombo’s been sick now and off school for 2 weeks with a terrible cough lurgy. Now I have it too – I’m sick of it and so is he!!
    Need to get rid of it in the next few days though – school holidays start tomorrow afternoon.
    But the main purpose of this post is to update you on one of my challenges for the year. On Wednesdays I go to boxing and I love it!! I set a goal for the end of the year and I achieved it last night. 2 minutes on a boxing speedball and I got 304. My goal was 300 – yippee!! Very exciting. I am also up to 1:40 for my plank but the running has taken a backseat due to sickness and uni. Hopefully will get back into it soon.
    Hope my little achievement gives you some inspiration too!
    Bec xxx


    • Bec, well done! Not only are you a mother of four who’s at uni, but you even have the time to write on this blog! I think that deserves a three cheers! But the sickness thing is a bugger, I hope that passes for you all very soon. Ticking the speedball off your list is an amazing achievement – six months early woo hoo! You’ve definitely inspired me to achieve the 10km run goal. I really would like to say that I can do that distance without keeling over. Keep up your good work and hopefully one day we can go for a run together! xxx


  3. Well done ! Everyone has flat patches and you have been pushing yourself hard in a number of ways…. you can be very proud of all your efforts.
    Agree…. House of Cards is Really good !!


    • Thanks Dg2. It will be interesting to see what summer holds in the fitness stakes. It was almost easier in winter, staying indoors and doing a fitness video or using the hand weights. I’d love to try stand up paddle boarding!


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