June 27 and 28: Weekend wrap

Saturday and Sunday served up plenty of sunshine so we made the most of it by being outdoors.

Saturday we worked in the garden and I did some small things around our house and Liliane and Rene’s too. Even though we’d spent the previous evening at dinner together, we all joined forces again in the afternoon for cards and dinner around the pool (for the first time ever, I didn’t lose a game!). I still find it so amazing to only turn the lantern on at 10.30pm.

Today there was an airshow in a neighbouring suburb, so we all stood in the garden and gawped at the heavens, watching the nine small planes do all their spectacular stunts. A forest blocked some of the view, over the Wohlensee, but all the loop-the-loops and high-up action kept us entertained for 20 minutes, and then they just all flew away again. It was almost sad – the way they couldn’t even wave goodbye!

We walked to Lotti’s house for her birthday gathering this afternoon, a good 40-minute wander in the sunshine on the path that I only ‘discovered’ earlier this year, that’s directly behind the house. Once home, a quick dip in the pool and a play on my new toy (see the last photo), ready for tomorrow’s commute to work, and two episodes of House of Cards wrapped it up.

Overall, it was a very social weekend, with maybe not the right sorts of foods consumed (Lotti’s birthday cake and a few other small sweeties) and not enough exercise completed to counteract the beer calories consumed, but wonderful fun.

In case you missed my post from yesterday, please click here to read the latest guest contribution to fitfor15in15, from personal trainer Richard Wheeler. He has some excellent tips, which I will be taking on board, for (re)starting your fitness!

Signing off with a mixture of photos from the week. Some wouldn’t load a few days ago, but most are from this weekend.

Wishing you a wonderful day.

4 thoughts on “June 27 and 28: Weekend wrap

  1. Go Bike Girl! Sounds like a wonderful weekend – and I am very envious of the blue sky. Caught up with Andy on the weekend – car pooled to the hairdresser at the Gold Coast and then stayed on at her place for wine and dinner. A picnic in the overcast and somewhat wet park on Sunday for a friend’s birthday and work before and after. Realise it is only 4 months (although that is still a long time) until we are with you both.


    • I replied to this and it seems to have disappeared?! I said if the first half of the year is anything to go by, you’ll be here in a few weeks. And please say hello to Andy for me too. Glad you had a busy but fun weekend as well, despite the gloomy weather!


  2. Wow, what a great set of photos and I can imagine how pleased you are to have the Tofli — thanks to Rene from me as well — I’m pleased you have an alternative to the Vespa!! An action packed weekend for you all, and an airshow thrown in as well. Loved the photo with the bird wanting to be part of the act.


    • Thanks Mum! I will definitely keep thanking Rene! Leo’s fully expecting my to call him soon and say it’s broken down, but I’m fine with that too. All part of the adventure!


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