July 1: Back on the horse

From the beginning, I’ve always said JUST 15 minutes a day. The simplicity of fitfor15in15 originally focused on doing just 15 minutes of exercise a day. Then I fell out of love with that idea for some reason – my motivation went south.

Some goals had been reached, I felt better and fitter, and then I just stopped caring. I think half of that hard work over the first four months of the year was lost in just a few weeks. So, it’s time to re-start the engines, jump back on the horse, re-join the circus … however you’d like to describe it! And it will be slowly slowly.

Have you thought about what you’d like to achieve in the next six months? I’d like to get moving again, get back into doing my stretches and go for more runs in the forest. I’d love to run 10km by the end of the year. Not in a race, just on a nice forest trail. And I’d like to return to the workout/exercise videos that I really enjoyed at the height of my fixation!

It’s 27 degrees inside the house (with windows and doors open!) at 10.30pm – now’s as good a time as any to start again, right?!?! I’m about to do 15 minutes of stretches and lunges with the hand weights. This is going to be interesting (and sweaty)! I thought about going back to January 1 and re-doing everything from the beginning, in the same order, but it’s too late to go walking now!

My friend Leonie and her kids Maya and Sebastian came over for a swim this afternoon. It was 26.5 degrees Celsius in the water. The Aare river is already 20 degrees too, and with the warm weather predicted for the next week, it may even reach about 22 degrees – not bad for a river coming directly from the Bernese Alps. Could the pool reach 30?!

We had a great afternoon and not one photo to show for it. I really enjoy Leonie’s company and not just because she’s a fellow Aussie. Lotti and Fritz joined us in the shade of the tent as well. Lotti told me Rene is back in hospital – they think he had a little stroke a few days ago, so he’s staying in for observation. I really hope he’s going to be ok. The doctors are worried a bigger stroke might follow.

On that sombre note, I’ll sign off … wishing you a wonderful day.

2 thoughts on “July 1: Back on the horse

  1. Hi Ange – good on you for taking up the exercise reins again. I have been in a bit of a slump in that area too – no gym at all last week (partly because of travel but also due to slumpishness). This week am back in it but turned the alarm off this morning and went back to sleep for another hour and a half.

    Goals – I have lots of them (1) lose 5 – 10 kilos before the cruise and seeing you and Leo (2) Work out what I want to do with my life – I am running out of time on that one (3) Get enough work so I can afford to do 2 cruises next year (4) Do the gardening and other jobs around the house …… I think I need to take Tricky Dicky’s advice and chunk out which ones to do first and take it in steps. Probably number two is a lost cause so I need to start with number 1. Issue here is ‘putting less and the right things’ in my mouth. So maybe I do need to really get started on the diet. So challenge is on Bestest – will I look svelte when I see you in 4 months? And if I don’t fail too badly on the gym maintenance maybe we can do the rainforest when we are there (although I must not that even when in top physical condition I don’t run)


    • The challenge is on Bestest! Tricky’s advice is sound and doable. I think you’ll be looking amazing in four months, and maybe rethinking what goes in will make all the difference! I definitely feel lighter not eating so much sugar and will keep it to a minimum from now on. I look forward to walking with you in the forest!


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