June 30: Didn’t that go fast?


Clear blue skies today and …


… the moon tonight. It will be a full moon in two days

Leo took this shot of the moon. I hope the skies are as clear on Thursday when it’s full. Loves me a good fullmaaaaoooooooon, I does! 🙂

Will keep this post short today. It was wonderfully warm and sunny, unfortunately a bit too hot for the work Pastora and I did – counting all the karate clothes and moving boxes and things while making the inventory. I rode straight home and jumped in the pool.

Still feel like a kid at Christmas on the bike, even if I was overtaken by an electric bicycle on the flat. (I keep telling myself the man had longer legs than me.) My niece suggested the bike should be named Brad, but I already have a Brad in my life and I’m well and truly over him. So far Bruce is still the leader (not hard seeing as Brad was the only suggestion!).

One of the two new plants, which I promised to mention today, has me stumped. The Celosia venezuela was easy to find because of its magenta prongs, but the second has me baffled. It’s quite tall and could possibly be another Campanula variety? The flowers are a beautiful blue and have very obvious petals. Any takers?


New plant number one – Celosia venezuela – the magenta spiky one in front of the lavender


And do you think this is another Campanula variety?

Can’t believe half the year has gone! How would you rate the first half of this year? I’m pretty happy with how it’s gone so far and hope you are too (and hopefully I’ll be struck by ‘exercise lightning’ tomorrow and be back on the bandwagon for the next six months!).

What will I do on December 31? I can’t very well keep a blog titled fitfor15in15 when it’s no longer 2015, can I?! Should have thought about that a bit harder.

I haven’t mentioned the I Quit Sugar program for a few days because I find it boring talking about food, but it’s going well (not perfect) and I’m really watching what goes in. As hot as it was today, I resisted the temptation for ice cream! That’s a win.

Wishing you a wonderful day.

12 thoughts on “June 30: Didn’t that go fast?

  1. Think Bruce is very suitable…solid, stolid, dependable, a little bit of wear and tear…..other contenders Might be: Sid, Merv, Ray….or Bert ?
    I think Leunig had a cartoon about the various personalities of Bruces.
    Perhaps you could just add a + for next year’s blog.


    • What a good idea about the plus, thank you Jules! I wonder if it would work, technically. I can only try! Bruce has been a breath of fresh air for me. Not sure I’ll be riding him in winter though! Even some mornings now have been a bit fresh!


  2. Thanks for my daily fix of exercise activity!
    Your energy wears me out just reading about it!
    Glad you are enjoying your (scooter type) transport.
    I rather fancy ” Clementine ” an elegant lady, who is responsible for your safety while photographing that amazing scenery.


    • Hi Bette. Thank you for posting all your lovely thoughts on here. Clementine is a wonderful name but I’m afraid the old girl is nowhere near to being a lady. Rough around the edges, covered in rust, plastic shopping carry-all strapped to the back. So I’ve stuck with Bruce. I only know one Bruce (mum’s brother) so I hope he’s not offended 🙂 I’d love to strap a camera on the front and set off on some Töffli touring!


    • Bruce it is. And yes, Bruce Lee. How clever of you! As long as he doesn’t karate chop me, I’ll be happy (although I am sporting a fair number of bruises on my shins from the peddles!


  3. Love the postie bike.
    I think you should butch him up a bit and pretend he’s the bike from The Great Escape.
    You could call him Steve after Steve McQueen or Virgil (not sure about that) who was the Steve McQueen character in the movie.


    • Steve was also suggested by Sandra. I do like the idea of him being a Steve, but I know too many Steves to make it work! I enjoy pretending Bruce was used in The Great Escape. When he flies down the hill towards home, I think the engine’s going to explode! Cue the music!! xx


    • Ha! That sounds like an ice cream flavour! 🙂 Thanks for making me smile. He hasn’t been playing softly/fair with me – I have bruises below my knees from the pedals, stopping at the lights.


  4. Names (not for the bike but for the flower!) If it comes back every year it is delphinium, if it just flowers once then dies it’s the annual larkspur – fabulous blue!


    • Thank you Freda. I think you’re on the money with the larkspur – I checked other photos on the internet and I think it’s right. What a shame it only lasts a year (and in this heat, probably only a few more weeks!)


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