April 2: A new yoga workout

After doing a few HIIT days in a row, it was time for something a little less sweaty today and I immediately thought of yoga. When I saw a male yoga instructor pop up on YouTube, it was a pleasant surprise so I decided to go with Total Body Yoga Workout with Tim Senesi.

The 30 minutes were enjoyable and hard. He called it a beginners-to-intermediate class – I’d love to see any intermediate do those arm and head stands! They were advanced (and surprise surprise I didn’t even attempt them!). But the overall feeling of moving the body was really pleasant.

The voiceover isn’t exactly in time with what’s happening on the video, so perhaps focus on either one to avoid some confusion. If you have a yoga block, you can use it too.

I had planned to write about mindfulness and minimalism today, but I ended up spending a mindful afternoon with Pastora and Jaime at our favourite bar in Bern and the day just slipped away! So tomorrow it is!

Wishing you a wonderful Good Friday.


2 thoughts on “April 2: A new yoga workout

  1. I had planned to have a lazy day reading and cross stitching. In the end I was drawn to the garden (it has been very neglected) and spent 4 hours weeding and hacking back plants that have grown hugely given all the rain and warm weather we have had in the last two months. I am aching in a way that suggests I may have difficulty moving tomorrow. I don’t think I will try any yoga- just looking at how that man is holding his body makes my muscles scream. I do however have the pleasure of seeing a much tidier back yard – although there is still more to do there and the front is calling.

    Hope you had an enjoyable Good Friday – I assume it is a holiday there and Leo had the day off.

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    • Gardening is a winner when it comes to a whole body workout! Great effort Judy, and yes, as you say there are long-lasting aesthetic benefits as well. I’m sure it all looks brilliant. We’re just about to start Good Friday celebrations. Pastora and her husband Leo will be here soon for some egg painting. And eating and drinking too. Enjoy the weekend and hope you’re not feeling too sore tomorrow.


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