April 11: 20-minute core workout


Leo taking an arty shot of me eating breakfast in Neuf-Brisach – a chocolate bun thing AND a nut croissant WITH a hot chocolate. Sugar overdose!

It was nice to be at home for the day, mooching. Grand plans for a run in the forest took a hike thanks to the rain, but after all that glorious weather we had last week, shut up! I’ve updated the post from the holiday to include photos. Click here if you’re keen on seeing parts of the Alsace Region. I didn’t take any photos of the vineyards. They were everywhere. Vines, vines and more vines.

We’re off to Zurich soon for Leo’s niece’s first communion early tomorrow morning – it wasn’t worth risking dodgy traffic tomorrow so we’re overnight-ing with Leo’s dad.

But first I have to do some exercise. We walked a lot in the Alsace but I didn’t do any stomach exercises (and ate a lot of bakery products) so I found a core workout which should make me wince if I sneeze tomorrow. It’s from the Men’s Fitness website but, hey, we all have abs.

I don’t have all the equipment (or skills) needed for these workouts (but you might!) so I had to do Exercises 1 and 3 from Workout 3, and Exercise 1 from Workout 5. There are seven workouts to choose from, and they say they should take about 20 minutes to complete.

Did I do something wrong? Did I read the instructions incorrectly? I finished the three reps of 20 each side in around eight and a half minutes. And no, I do not feel like doing it one more time! Maybe it’s because I chose three floor exercises which may not take as much time as some of those hanging ones? Let me know if you do it and work out my timing mistake!

Wishing you a wonderful day.