Where Are You Now? by Mary Higgins Clark


Some light reading

This is a book I possibly normally wouldn’t pick, but I went to a different library which had a smaller English selection. Where Are You Now? by Mary Higgins Clark, published in 2008, is an easy-to-read mystery about a woman searching for her missing brother.

Every year for 10 years, Carolyn MacKenzie and her mother receive a phone call on Mother’s Day from missing brother and son Charles, known as Mack. He says he is fine and not to worry. But they do worry, because Mack had everything going for him when he disappeared. Why did he go? This time, Carolyn decides she’s had enough of Mack’s games and goes on an elaborate and dangerous hunt.

She encounters people from his past, struggles with police who believe she should let sleeping dogs lie, and learns more about those close to her. When a young woman goes missing, the race is on to find out if the two cases are connected.

There’s a clever twist, just when you think you know what’s happened and ‘whodunnit’, and despite a schmaltzy ending, it was an entertaining story. I’ve never read any books by Mary Higgins Clark before, but the cover says she’s the queen of suspense and a bestseller.

I’m not sure I’ll actively seek out another of her books, even though I did enjoy this one in a “I need to read something easy” kind of way. It would be suitable to reach for before bed or to pass the time on holidays lying on the beach or rugged up by a fire.

To sum it up? I wasn’t blown away, but I was left feeling satisfied.

3 thoughts on “Where Are You Now? by Mary Higgins Clark

  1. Have heard of her and not surprised it was not your style of book. I am currently reading the Cross Stitch series – or Outlander (if you are in the US) series by Diana Gabaldon (they are now a tv series on Foxtel which I am watching and enjoying). Think there are about 8 or so books in the series and have got Mum on to them. Suspect they would not be your cup of tea either so don’t rush to read. However – good saga with a bit of history thrown in. A book that you might enjoy was ‘The Blind Assassin” – was a Booker Prize Winner by Margaret Atwood (I think). The other one is ‘The Burial’ by an Australian author I think whose name I totally forget. However probably not readily available in Swiss libraries

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    • Thanks for the tips Jude. I’ve read a few Margaret Atwood books, but not The Blind Assassin, so will keep an eye out for it. I remember the cover of it from book stores in Australia. Will be interesting to see if I can find The Burial by Courtney Collins here. Sounds ok in the review I read!


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