June 12: A busy but pain-full day

Liliane and I achieved so much today. It’s now 11.30pm and I can’t believe I’m still awake!

We went grocery shopping at 8.30am, then bought a mosquito screen for the upstairs office door so we can have some flow-through breeze when it’s warm. Why hadn’t we thought of this years ago?! Also bought another basil plant and a cherry tomato plant.

Then we trimmed the little fir trees, or whatever they are (still need to look that up!), surrounding the terrace. That took a couple of hours, including clean up. Looks great, and one of them is clear of the house and guttering now.


Tops lopped off so they grow a little wider


The one on the right no longer grows into the gutter


And the one on the left is a ball shape again. I think it’s a lilac tree

After a short lunch break, we collected rubbish from both our houses for the council depot drop off and loaded up the wagon I used when filling the holes in the lawn. It was full! Liliane threw away an old table, we had stuff from the cellar, there were old plastic plant pots and so on and so on. And now – clean and clear!

And to finish off, we finished mowing the lawn with the small, normal mower, seeing as the ride-on will be out of action until early next week. It was good to finish what I’d started.

When Leo came home, he put up the hanging mosquito screen (and I’m now sitting in the office enjoying the cool breeze. Winner winner chicken dinner!). Then I cooked dinner and we watched four episodes of Ray Donovan on Netflix. I’m enjoying the series but not as much as at the beginning.

I had a terrible sleep last night. Yesterday, while mowing, I was bitten by a wasp. At first, I thought it was a horse fly, but it’s so swollen, so hard and giving off so much heat that I think it has to be a wasp. And man it’s itchy! I woke during the night scratching and even after several antihistamines today it’s still giving me grief. The skin texture has changed too. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow.


That swollen red patch is damn itchy!

Once again, no plants. I’ll cover the backlog next week perhaps. I’m flailing (but not failing!) on the 30-Day Challenge. Oops!

Wishing you a wonderful day.

2 thoughts on “June 12: A busy but pain-full day

  1. Could your bite have been a horsefly (“Bremse” or “Breme” in dialect)? A wasp sting would swell but probably not be itchy, while a horsefly bite gives me the reaction you describe 😦
    My favourite antidote is a “pen”-type rollerball thing called Afterbite from the chemist, works very well!

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    • Hi swissrose! At first I thought it was a Bremse, but I’ve never had such a reaction to one of their bites before. Yes, you could be right about the wasp sting not being itchy! So far today I haven’t scratched, and am glad it’s almost gone. The skin has blistered slightly – maybe that was the excessive use of Parapic, which I think is the same as Afterbite.


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