June 13: The first swim of summer

Fitfor15in15 could have some new workouts in the pipeline – the pool is finally reading for swimming, and today, after Leo took the robot cleaner out, I made the most of the sunshine (and 23 degree Celsius water temperature).


The juxtaposition of a Swiss flag and a pool always makes me smile. I don’t think of pools when I think of Switzerland but I’m very grateful for ours

Of course, Leo was there to prove I didn’t just get my ankles wet. Normally, our neighbour Liliane’s friend Lotti is the first to swim every year, but she’s on holidays in Tuscany and I couldn’t wait until she got back. We won’t tell her, ok?




So refreshing!


Happiness is a pool on a warm day

I did about 15 minutes worth of freestyle laps. I only breathe twice on each lap, because the pool is about eight metres long (I think). Looking forward to more days like this in the next few months.

Before the swim, I baked a chocolate cake for Pastora and Leo’s birthday (our married friends who were born on the same day in the same Spanish hospital; Leo three years before Pastora) but I won’t be eating any at the party tonight. The I Quit Sugar program would frown upon that! (I may have licked one of the beaters … normally I would have licked both.) 🙂

And now, we’re off to the celebrations. Party! Vamos!

Wishing you a wonderful day.

p.s The wasp bite is getting better. Not as red and angry as yesterday, thanks to some cooling gel we bought to bring down the heat. Phew. Still can’t squat down properly though – feels like the skin behind my knee will split! – and it’s still ever so itchy. Grrrr.

p.p.s Big addition of plant names for the 30-Day Challenge coming on Monday or Tuesday. Hopefully 🙂

10 thoughts on “June 13: The first swim of summer

  1. You are looking fabulous girl! Looks like Leo could stand on your stomach. All that working out, gardening etc has clearly paid off. Great that the pool is ready for action and that you are making the most of it – enjoy


    • Thanks bestest sister, it was a lovely dip in the pool. I still have some work to do, but overall I’m feeling very healthy. My fitness has dropped a bit – will attempt Monday Runday again tomorrow, so that will be the real test!


  2. Beautiful woman! You are looking so fit, strong and happy. What a sacrifice though – no chocolate cake. Total respect!! I bet Pastori & Leo had a great birthday. Hip hip hooray!!!


    • Thanks curlymint77, it was a lovely evening. Quite subdued but still wonderful. I ate a piece of the cake – they might have thought it was poisonous if I’d declined 😉 Back to the drawing board tomorrow!


  3. You look Wonderful Ange ! Proud of your efforts. Such restraint to only lick one beater (maybe) ! Lucky, lucky birthday pair. Hugs.


    • Thanks Jules, feeling good. Hope to be even better by the end of the year ahahahaha. I have a confession to make – I ate a piece of the cake. Pastora served it and it felt rude to say no. Also, everyone might have thought I’d poisoned the cake if I didn’t take a slice too 😉


    • Ahahaha anonymous uncle, I think I know who you are!! 🙂 Feeling good, could be a bit better, but generally feeling fit and healthy. Hope you are well too, anonymous uncle! xx


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