April 12: Lorena’s special day and bedtime yoga


Lorena with her godparents

Today was Leo’s niece and goddaughter’s first communion (her name is Lorena), so we were near Zurich with his family. First up we had the service, then 23 of her nearest and dearest drove to Germany (doesn’t that sound hilarious?! We drove 40 minutes to Germany – still freaks me out) for lunch at an Italian restaurant in Erzingen.

Lorena’s extended family from her father’s side come from Sicily and all the relatives there today were Italian (and still are, surprise surprise!). Hence the choice of this restaurant because they know it has amazing food and brilliant red wine. I’d drive there regularly, too, if we lived so close.


Lorena in her first communion dress. She looked like a princess

After four hours of eating, we drove home and made a beeline for the couch to watch four more episodes of “The Killing”. It’s now 10.22pm (22.22 for those who like numbers) and I am totally stuffed. Literally and figuratively.

It’s been a great week – I’ve consumed like a queen and been to France and Germany twice – but the time has come to say goodbye to eating whatever I feel like whenever I feel like it, in an attempt to shift a few pesky kilos and try a self experiment to see if food holds more sway than exercise.

Tomorrow I’ll do my first ‘Fast Day’ of the 5:2 Diet, which means I’ll eat 500 calories. Heaven knows what 500 calories looks like (I need to do more research on that) but I think a bowl of homemade natural muesli with seeds, nuts and natural yoghurt for breakfast will be a good start, and whatever lettuce leaves I can scrounge together might make a main meal. 🙂

Would it be superfluous to say I really, really … REALLY … don’t feel like exercising tonight? My body’s a lump of lead. So I’m going to do 15 minutes of bedtime yogaagain! – then send my weary lump to La La Land.

Wishing you a wonderful day.

2 thoughts on “April 12: Lorena’s special day and bedtime yoga

  1. So are you on series 2 of the Killing now? Jase and I LOVE the Killing. When you have finished this series, may I suggest Borgen to you. There are a few series of that and it’s fantastic – Danish political drama at its best.
    Good luck on your 500 day. Watch out though – your planned brekky may be pretty high in calories. You need to have stacks of vegies at hand because that will be most of what you eat. Good luck!!

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    • Thanks for the tips Bec – Borgen is on our list! I took your advice and will have the muesli tomorrow. Instead I had a medium-sized grapefruit. Yum. Have googled ‘how many calories in …’ a hundred times today already I reckon ahahahaha. Will walk to the shops today to get more veggies. Our fridge is empty after being away. Might mean less temptation! If I only do this for a month, it means 8 x 500 calorie days. Sounds achievable (she says on day one, without a care in the world!)


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