April 29: What a great afternoon!


Enjoying the intermittent sun with Pastora

It feels like Pastora and I have a good-time angel or a fairy godmother or something/one looking out for us. Every time we go to Cafe Pyrennes in Bern we always meet entertaining people.

We’ve met the Everton Football Club fans, a famous Swiss sculptor plus many more. It’s a hub of activity. Today we sat near (but didn’t talk to) the Swiss singer Polo Hofer (you can just see him to the side of Pastora in the photo) and shared a bottle of wine with his friends after he left.

My exercise today is a bit of a cheat – I had to run for the bus this afternoon before meeting Pastora. It took me 12 minutes to get to the bus, instead of 20 minutes walking, and I wasn’t puffed when I arrived early. I also walked 20 minutes home again.

Normally I don’t count walking to the bus and back as part of my fitfor15in15 but today I’ve been blessed with other kinds of fitness – mental fitness. It was a classic afternoon chatting and laughing with new people and that’s always good for my soul.

Wishing you a wonderful day.

7 thoughts on “April 29: What a great afternoon!

    • Felt pretty good curlymint77, I have to admit! But then I undid all that good work with the beers and then the wine! Oh, what the hay, we only live once! (Trying to spark myself up, can you tell?!)


  1. I am pleased to see that my phone call (apart from setting your day off to a fabulous start) contributed to your exercise by making you run for the bus. Sounds like a great day.

    It is currently cold and wet in BrizVegas with tomorrow tipped to be mighty unpleasant. I agreed to go to a Breakfast tomorrow – mentoring of Clayfield College girls and am sure I will not feel like driving in what will be yucky weather. However – as we have all been recently thinking whatever minor irritations the weather will bring at least I won’t be sitting in the trenches anywhere, or in a tent in Nepal, suffering through it.

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    • Yes, your phone call was excellent but I cut it a bit fine! Nothing like a sprint to the finish! I ended up having a few minutes to walk at the end so I didn’t arrive at the bus stop in a sweaty mess. All the good work from the run was undone by all the beers!
      I think classical guitarist Karin Schaupp, who was in my year at school, will also be at that breakfast. Hope you all have a good time and say hello from me if you see her! Fingers crossed the weather won’t be too nasty, but as you say, small things in comparison. Enjoy!


  2. […] Yesterday, before I ran for the bus and had a merry old time, I was having a productive morning in regards to my clothes. In the words of the lovely Ariana from Paris-to-Go, this isn’t a fashion blog, but I like reading about her wardrobe so maybe you might like reading about mine too. Change can be interesting. […]


      • Sorry Mum! The frill is the bit I dislike, so it’s gone straight into the bin. The material is also too scratchy (with the lace) to be a scarf, if that makes you feel better! It’s going to be a great top.


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